Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Spring Beauty

Apr 19, 2008 7:55 PM

Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty
Spectacular Spring Beauty
Crept up behind me
and surprised me
a beauty unsurpassed and unexpected
vibrant white, soft and subtle texture
The beauty of nature
captured in an image
only a small tiny static representation
of a fluid, dynamic multi-dimensional beauty.

My eyes are amazing, what they see.
A camera is technical and cold,
cannot even begin to compare to reality

Seeing in all its glory, the drama and movement
the gentleness and purity,
the grandeur and flavor
unsurpassed in sight
simulated with a model
a simple picture in 2D
not as nice as three

But its the next best thing to being there.

It reminds me of a real life spring beauty.
Infatuation, a beginning
Also a first sight, a seeing
meandering on a bicycle
finding my way
seeing another
instantly seeing
vibrant beautiful
spring beauty was she
right there before me
so nice and friendly
something to see
one more time for me.

Thank you, so nice

have a great day.

Spring Beauty emerges from the ground before most other plants
A small little blossom erupts with color before the leaves obscure the sun
So small, one needs to be careful where you walk
Get down low, look, lo and behold, she lies there looking up
ready to bring joy to all

This Prokofiev Concerto reminds me of spring:

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