Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Its a good year

Mar 15, 2008 1:35 AM

Its a good year

...and a Gemini dream

Last night on my way home from a wonderful performance of the Pittsburgh Symphony, I was parked on the top of the parking garage, and I decided to take the time to make a few shots of the Pittsburgh skyline towards the north side where the bridges and stadium reside.

The performance was superb! By Emanuel Ax, who played the solo of Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 2, and all the members of the Pittsburgh Symphony, who performed with such beauty!

I heard on the radio that some concert goers were upset when the scheduled soloist had canceled, but I was personally glad because Ax is my favorite of the pianists who perform here. And the Co. #2 is simply wonderful, especially the slow movement, with such parts that are so soft and gentle, it is almost to be unbelieved how subtle the sound can be in person. These kinds of experiences can never be transcribed to a CD. At one point his touch on a few very slow keys was to me like the drops of water dropping from rustling leaves into a gentle pond below. Even some of the members of the orchestra seemed in awe of this slow movement, yet I was sure they would not forget themselves.

Another treat was the Roussel: Suite No. 2 from Bacchus et Ariane. What a work of art, and it gave a good opportunity for many parts of the orchestra to show off their talents. Even each of the leads for the strings got to perform a solo, and particularly exciting for me was the very last movement (VIII.Bacchanale and the Coronation of Ariadne), the principals on either side, violin and viola, were playing with such férocité, it seemed almost as if they would go right through the strings, and the sound was unmatched by any other symphonic work I know.

Most of all, don't listen to the newspaper reviews (one I just read at 1am), when they say the performance was 'predictable' -- ha. no way. This performance was sublime! :)

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