Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Alpine Symphony - Richard Strauss

Eine Alpensinfonie
My images, only one I actualy made in the Alps, can you guess which one?
My interpretation of the scenes...
  • Night
    Moon over Murrysville
  • Sunrise
  • the Ascent
    Cucumber Falls
  • Entry into the Woods
    tiny mushroom
  • Walking along the Brook
    Fern over a lazy river
  • at the Waterfall
    Ohiopyle waterfall
  • a Visual Feature / apparition
    grant me 3 wishes
  • on Flowery Meadows
  • on the Alp / Pasture
    I Can't stop loving you..
  • Wrong Path through the Thicket
    Don't leave now...
  • on the Glacier
    reflections of grass
  • Moments of Danger
    Hercules waiting for his replacement
  • at the Summit
    Austria / Österreich -- 1982
  • Vision
    alive and bright
  • the Fog Rises
    a grand day
  • the Sun is Gradually Obscured
    Something beautiful awaits!
  • Elegy
    beautiful day
  • Calm before the Storm
  • Thunder and storm, Descent
    Moss at Buttermilk Falls
  • Sunset
    Subtle shades enhanced
  • the Journey Ends
    sunset the other day
  • Night
    3 planets

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